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Abruzzo is known throughout Italy as the source of the finest ingredients -- and some of the country's most excellent cooks. Here by the sea, the fish and seafood are the freshest and best. Inland, locally-sourced meats and ventricina (a cured meat product indigenous to the area) provide amazing meals.

There is a cheese farm in Fossacesia that produces, among other things, the best ricotta you will ever taste. And the chance to visit all the farm animals makes it a fun trip for the children.

We can arrange an olive oil tasting at an artisanal producer nearby. Or a visit to Tornareccio, the Queen of Honey, to see how the best honey in Italy is made. Superb truffles are also found in Abruzzo, at significantly lower prices than elsewhere.

And then there are the wineries. We have visited -- and sampled the wares of -- literally dozens of cantinas in the province. (It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!) Our favorite is Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, a robust red that should be better appreciated outside the region. The small boutique wineries of this area produce some truly sensational vintages. We will help you make up your mind.

The white wine most associated with Abruzzo is Trebbiano -- but we think that Pecorino, an old white that has recently been resurrected to great acclaim, is superior. Try a few, and see what you think.

Up the hill is a farm store that sells local -- and, in many cases, organic -- produce. Not to be missed! We go there almost every day; you would, too, if you lived here.

As for restaurants, there are several within walking distance. We have probably tried all of them, and have very strong opinions on our favorites ... and our not-favorites. Tell us what you like, and we will tell you where you want to go. It is our pleasure.
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