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Palazzo del Mar

Welcome to Abruzzo's Adriatic Coast -- a little-known, unspoiled area of Italy where life is lived at a slower pace, to be savored day by day. This is a place for family and friends: where you can enjoy the beach, tour the countryside, and learn the long and varied history of this fascinating region.

The Trabocchi Coast takes its name from a series of unique fishing platforms built out over the sea, strung along the coast from Ortona to San Salvo. There is one right here in Fossacesia Marina, which is now a restaurant -- at which you can enjoy many regional seafood dishes and taste the delicious local wines.

As for the beach: the Fossacesia beach has the coveted Blue Flag designation, which denotes adherence to strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental management, and safety.

And it's an easy walk to the Lungomare, a seafront promenade with restaurants, gelato shops, bars, and a small food store. A short drive up the hill brings you to Fossacesia town, where there are supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, and a fresh pasta shop -- as well as banks, the post office, and a tobacco shop.

There are also churches and shrines to visit. Just up the hill is the 13th-century Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere -- a must-see for all ages, with a panoramic view of olive groves and the blue Adriatic. There are archeological sites and museums (one in Vasto and two in Chieti), and two World War II cemeteries.

There's nearby Lanciano (the Sienna of Abruzzo), site of the world-famous Eucharistic Miracle, and below it, a Roman tunnel dating to the time of Diocletian (always a favorite with children!) Monte Pallano, outside Tornareccio, features remains of a Roman settlement and a megalithic wall (it's a great place for a picnic). In Ortona, visit the church that houses the bones of Doubting Thomas, as well as the Museum of the Battle of Ortona, an exceptionally evocative and personal collection.

Most towns have an outdoor market once a week, where clothing, toys, jewelry, housewares, and much more can be had at bargain prices. 

For the children, there is a water park in Vasto, and a zoo in Rocca San Giovanni, seven minutes away.

Other great places to visit include Pescara, site of world-class shopping and the International Airport of Abruzzo; the designer outlets at Citta Sant'Angelo; historic hermitages; the lovely city of Sulmona, birthplace of Ovid and home of the colorful sugar-coated almonds known as "confetti." And so much more -- just ask.

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